The 6 Best Camping Hammocks of 2019

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Camping in the woods or even out on the beach is amazing. The perfect hammock can make the whole experience even more luxurious and soul-enriching than it already is. It is always fun to sleep on the ground, in a sleeping bag, and in a tent. However, camping hammocks are soft and comfy and durable and should be considered as another way to get some sleep without having to get used to the hard ground. What should you consider when looking at camping hammocks?

#1. Best Color and Best Extra-Large Size
1. Gold Armour Camping Hammock

This extra-large (double capacity) colorful camping hammock comes in many sizes and also comes with all of the equipment necessary to hitch it to trees, attach it to a hammock stand, and generally camp out in luxury style in your favorite color.

This hammock is not only great for a couple’s weekend getaway or for a large family of kids reading in the afternoon, but it is also great for large, overweight people who have a hard time finding hammocks which hold their weight. The straps on the Gold Armour hammock hold 500 lbs each and hold 1,000 pounds between the two of them. It is a really sweet deal for people who have a hard time with this and users rated it as being extremely comfortable.

The Gold Armour tree straps are fully adjustable around any size of a tree trunk and they are specifically made to protect the tree and not cause any harm to the bark. This is a great camping hammock for multiple people and for people traveling in a wide variety of woods.

-Lots of color options
-Adjustable tree strap
-Can hold up to 1,000 lbs

-There were no real cons because users found it perfect in every way

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Best Off-Ground Camping
2. Tentsile Trillium 3-Way, 3-Person Camping Hammock

This awesome three-directional hammock creates a nice, taut set up right off the ground. It holds three large adult males, so it is also great for family camping and for simply setting up a sleeping area that is off of the ground.

The specific hammock itself comes with tree ratchet straps and carabiner fasteners. It does not come with a roof kit, but there is a Tentsile Trillium roof kit available to ward off light rain and wind. This is a great addition to get if you think you might encounter rain or if you are concerned about warmth when you are sleeping off of the ground.

It is always a great way to entertain the kids if you are traveling with your family. Kids will really get a kick out of setting up the three-way, taut hammock and then climbing up and down off of it. You can also buy an extra ladder which attaches to the side of the hammock if you decide to set it up very high above the ground. It is very safe.

-Holds many kids or three large adults comfortably
-You can camp off of the ground
-Roof kit available to purchase separately

-Does not sag (if you’re afraid of falling)
-Roof kit not included

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Best for Relaxing in the Woods
3. Bear Butt Lounging Hammock

The unique and highly stable Bear Butt hammock is specificaly designed for relaxing and sleeping bag sleeping off of the ground. This hammock is also designed for people of all shapes and sizes, making it perfect for a camper who wants plenty of room to move around in their hammock without feeling like they might flip it.

The Bear Butt hammock is also 10 feet by 6 feet, so it accommodates the extra large person, both in width and in height. This also makes it great for siblings to hide out in the hammock together, wrap the edges over themselves and tell ghost stories by flashlight.

-Accommodates large people, in width and height
-Super durable materials never rip
-Cup holder attached
-All straps are included (no additional purchase necessary)

-Stretches out a little bit
-Ropes are thin so can cut into the bark of the tree

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Best Protection for Tree Bark
4. Winner Outfitters Double Hammock

This extremely soft and durable camping hammock is particularly good for the trees you will be using to hang it up. It comes with 2-inch tree straps which do not cut into the bark at all and have a little extra “sleeve-like” material to further protect the tree bark. If you weigh a lot and are particularly worried about cutting into the tree bark, this hammock is specially made for you.

Users found that the included straps also allowed them to use the hammock anywhere between 10 feet and 15 feet before needing to purchase additional straps for length. They found this to be particularly satisfactory and liked the extra versatility it gave them.

In addition to these features, the included carabiners and extra-thick ropes are specifically designed to prevent slipping or accidental mishaps while setting up the hammock. People who weighed 260 lbs and over found that to feel better than other hammocks which had skinnier ropes and felt more “delicate” to them.

-Wide, 2-inch tree straps
-Thick cords for heavier carrying capacity

-Limited color options
-Simple design
-No extra features

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Best for Swinging and Long Line Hanging
5. Wise Owl Outfitters Camping Hammock

This incredibly relaxing and colorful hammock comes with many color options and long, 8 foot long ropes which allow you to hang it between large distances and tall tree crotches. This allows you to swing in it, sit in it, form a kind of swinging chair with your loved ones to rock in it and to even sunbathe in it while you relax and stare up at the open sky.

Because the included ropes and straps are so long, you have a lot more hanging options with this hammock than you would with just the normal 2-foot ropes that come with other hammocks. The 8-foot ropes give you the most versatility when it comes to hanging your hammock, allowing you to hang it from a deep dip between tall tree crotches or between long distances with the open sky above.

The material is also ultra-hardy because it is made from real parachute material which is definitely designed to last against the elements. This will make camping your most relaxing and versatile time of the year.

-Extra long straps (8 feet long)
-Real parachute material

-No netting against mosquitos

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Best for the total outfitter – includes everything you need
6. Lost Valley Camping Hammock Bundle

This amazing camping hammock bundle has a lot of different features in a single package. It comes with a compression sack (only 4 lbs in all), a rain tent, and a mosquito net, in addition to the standard straps and tree ratchet loops.

This is the perfect bundle for the regular hiker and camper, because it has all contingencies covered, including both an external and internal pocket for phones, beverages, etc.

A lot of the convenience you get with this hammock is from the included rain tent, which definitely protects you from the rain in all directions. You can sleep in the hammock, instead of on the ground. You can keep yourself away from bugs and animals by being suspended off of the ground. You can completely avoid any rain runoff or getting wet that can sometimes occur even inside a normal tent. This bundle is truly for the real outdoorsy type of person because you do not need the whole tent set up in order to sleep at night. You can simply pack this in your backpack and go hiking!

-Mosquito net included
-Rain tent included
-Tree straps included
-Internal and external pockets for phone and beverages

-Only comes in one color

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Recreational Use or Sleeping/Reading Use

Will you be using your hammock primarily for sleeping or primarily for swinging with your partner while waiting for the fire to heat up? This question will determine what type of hammock you should get.

If you want to use your hammock primarily for sleeping and reading, then you should get a hammock with an included mosquito net. This will protect you at night and it will protect you while you are trying to turn the page and not be bothered by all of the bugs around you. Mosquito nets are included with several of the hammocks reviewed below and this makes a great option for a more sedentary use.

However, if you want to use the hammock as just a recreational tool then you should definitely get a colorful one with long tree straps, also reviewed below.

How Much of the Sky do You Want to See from Your Hammock?

This factor is important when your hammock comes with a rain tent or has a rain tent option for separate purchase. If you want to see the sky but are concerned about what to do just in case, simply pack a separate rain tent with your belongings and keep it in your vehicle until you need it. That way, it is along for the ride but not something that you have to pack and unpack every time.

You might worry that a mosquito net might block your view, but this is only a superficial factor. The fact is, you will still be able to see through the net quite clearly and still use it to read your books in the open sunlight without having to worry about swatting anything away. It is also a great way to get free-flowing fresh air while you sleep under the moon and stars at night without worrying about that annoying buzz in your ear.

The Weight of the User or Users Determines which Tree Straps to Buy

If you or the combined weight of you and your partner weigh over 300 lbs, you may find that the tree straps that came with your last hammock cut into the bark of the tree. We have helpfully reviewed a great hammock below that has 2-inch wide tree straps which can handle any weight of user or users without cutting into the bark.

This is a great way to make sure that you “leave no mark” on the forest behind you but still can enjoy enough space and comfort for both yourself and your partner. Many hammocks come with their own tree straps, but not all of these are greater than 3/4 of an inch in width. Instead, you can buy wider straps separately, or simply pick out a specifically designed hammock that already comes with wide tree straps.

Color Options Always Make it Fun

Some people enjoy blending in with the colors of the forest as much as possible. They may even believe that in this way they are able to view the woodland animals better and more up close and personal. However, this can also be a hazard, particularly if you are camping during hunting season or on lands which are authorized for hunting in any way.

For that reason, we recommend that you pick out brightly colored hammocks in your favorite hues to make sure that you always stand out from the surrounding woodlands. It not only ensures your safety but it also makes for great photo ops and great color picking options. Each of your kids can have their own specific hammock in their favorite color. Then, even if they grow out of that favorite color in the future, they will always feel a sense of warmth and nostalgia every time they get their own special hammock out for family camping. Teenagers are very nostalgic about their past childhood.

Kids and Hammocks

Make sure that you use swinging parachute hammocks for your kids unless you have your taut, three-way hammock set low to the ground. You don’t want any of your kids falling off the edge of a high base and injuring themselves.

A parachute camping hammock is not going to flip over and therefore is safe for your kids to play in. However, show them how to use a hammock. Show them how to make sure their shoes don’t track in extra mud or tear unnecessary holes in the hammock. Help them settle down for the night when they prepare to go to sleep.

Are Hammocks Easy or Difficult to Fall Out of?

The stiff, taut, backyard hammocks are easy to fall out of if you don’t know how to get into and stay in a hammock. However, all camping hammocks are made from parachute material and are loose and baggy. These are incredibly difficult to fall out of. Simply make sure that both sides are higher than the center and you can turn it almost on its side without flipping it. As long as the center is below both sides, no matter how skewed up or down the sides are, you will never fall out.

Camping is one of the highlights of human recreation. We all love to sleep under the stars, roast food over the fire with our family, and tell each other stories in the dark. Happy Camping!

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